Camp Schwab

Phone: 81-611-725-3834

Unit 35031 Box 155

FPO AP 96370-0155

USO Schwab has been serving Marines and sailors since 1976 and serves approximately 2,500 Marines and sailors a month. The center serves the troops by providing a relaxing environment equipped with an 80” TV with surround sound, nice sofas and recliners, a laptop bar with a view of the ocean and more. Our one-of-a-kind gaming room is enclosed by camouflage netting to give it that authentic military look and equipped with eight gaming chairs and eight Xbox 360s! Our center gives the troops and opportunity to play chess, darts, ping pong and pool! Our Vegas Room is equipped with computer tables, a conference table, a 3-D Projector and screen and a 60” TV with cable and various gaming systems. The center has its own Skype Room that allows free phone calls to family and friends that doubles as a United Through Reading Room! We also offer free faxing, copying, printing and Internet with Wi-Fi and computers.

Our patio area offers a nice lounge space for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors, barbecue and relax. We also offer monthly food events (Pre-Payday Pigouts and Midnight BBQs on Saturday), a recreational bike check-out program, movies, a library of free books and 24 hour weekend operations with volunteer support and a fully stocked gift shop! We recently added our new sports lounge section to further support the troops and families. The room will be equipped with a 60" television plus five 32” screens all capable of showing different sporting events as guests relax on our leather sectionals.

The center is open from 1000-1900 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from 1100-1900 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our Holiday hours are from 1000 to 1900.